Arduino Step by Step Getting Serious

A comprehensive reference guide for Arduino Makers.

Welcome to Tech Explorations Arduino Step by Step Getting Serious, where you will extend your knowledge of Arduino components and techniques and build up new skills in the largest, and the most comprehensive course on the Web!

The course is split into 40 sections and over 250 lectures spanning more than 34 hours of video content.

In each section, you will learn a specific topic.

Each topic contains:

  • multiple examples of code
  • wiring schematics
  • demonstrations of a completed circuit
  • alternative scenarios

This course is not appropriate for people new to the Arduino. It will not teach you about the basics of the Arduino, like how to use the Arduino IDE, blink an LED or create a simple sketch and circuit. If you are a new Arduino maker, you should consider taking Arduino Step by Step Getting Started first.

Here’s the Course community channel*.

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You can access all course materials (such as schematics and sketches) in the course repository on Github.

Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 47 Sections
  • 301 Lectures
  • Course Certificate