Node-RED and Raspberry Pi Pico W

This book and course combine several elements into a platform that powers the development of modern Internet of Things applications. These elements are a flow-based server, a WiFi-enabled microcontroller, a high-level programming language, and a deployment technology. Combining these elements gives you the tools you need to create automation systems at any scale. From home automation to industrial automation, this book will help you get started.

This eBook and video course is a learning guide and a reference.

Use it to learn Node-RED, Raspberry Pi Pico W, and MicroPython, and add these state-of-the-art tools to your technology toolkit.

This course will also introduce you to virtual machines, Docker, and MySQL in support of IoT projects based on Node-RED and the Raspberry Pi Pico W.

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  • 13 Sections
  • 115 Lectures
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